FAQ – Wrinkle Reduction

How does the treatment work?

  • The wrinkle reduction treatment is a two step procedure.
  • First the skin is exfoliated to remove any dead skin.
  • Then the skin is sprayed with INTENSE by Ellipse Photo Spray every 5 minutes for one hour.
  • This spray makes your skin more receptive to the light and reducing wrinkles by collagen stimulation.
  • Once the application of the spray is completed a gel is applied to your face(same used for ultra-sound).
  • Then the laser treatment begins where the visible light is guided over your face 3 times in total.
  • A chemical reaction in the cells triggers the cells to produce more collagen which will eventually lead to a reduction in wrinkles.

How do I use the photo spray?

  • A generous amount will be applied to your face every 5 minutes.
  • Each time it will be rubbed onto your face paying attention to your upper and lower eyelids and mouth.

Is it necessary to use both photo spray and light?

  • Yes, this treatment is a combination treatment.
  • Clinical trials have shown that neither the Photp Spray nor the Light works on its own,the combination of the two is necessary.

Am I suitable for treatment?

  • The treatment works on people with mild to moderate wrinkles.
  • Even darker coloured skin can be treated safely and effectively due to the low energy settings.
  • Unlike other laser treatments it is safe to do treatments when you are sun tanned.

Does it hurt?

  • The wrinkle reduction procedure is based on a chemical reaction rather than a thermal reaction.
  • For this reason there is no pain involved just a very slight warm sensation.

Are there any pre or post treatment required?

  • An exfoliating gel is recommended at least one week prior to treatment to remove any dead skin cells.
  • This will allow the light to penetrate the surface more effectively.
  • It also recommended to use an SPF 30 as the skin remains sensitive to light after the treatment.
  • The sunscreen also protects your skin from future sun damage.

How many treatments do I need?

  • Three treatments with three week intervals give optimal results.
  • The wrinkle reduction gradually takes place from one to twelve weeks.